• 持續發起氣候行動,為世代正義發聲;
  • 培育青年氣候人才,連結在地與國際;
  • 擴大氣候行動影響力。

自2008年起,TWYCC持續參與聯合國氣候綱要公約(UNFCCC)底下的締約國大會(Conferences of Parties, COP),同時也是「聯合國青年組織YOUNGO」的參與者,至今已累積超過10年。

2017年,為響應《巴黎協定》中規定的全球盤點(Global Stocktake, GST)機制,TWYCC推出一項為期三年的計劃,即台灣青年氣候盤點(Taiwan Youth Climate Stocktake, TYCS)。 該計劃旨在加快政府實現我們的國家自訂貢獻(National Determined Contribution, NDC)目標。 2018年,我們對台灣的 排碳部門進行在地研究,最終發布了我們的第一份報告《青年氣候宣言》,這份宣言中我們彙整了年輕一代對政府政策的觀點,以及達成氣候目標的機會和挑戰。

About TWYCC (Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition)

TWYCC is a group of youth from Taiwan with a passion for tackling the climate crisis. We are after a future that our children can live in without hopeless climate impact, a society with inter-generational equity, and partners to take actions through bottom-up strategies.

Our core values

  • Keep on climate actions; Voice for inter-generational equity
  • Empower youth climate leaders; Connect local and global involvements;
  • Spread out climate action influences

To achieve climate justice, we believe it is crucial to raise not only public awareness but also youth empowerment about any issues of the climate crisis. With sufficient experience in participating in Conferences of Parties (COPs) held by the United Nation, we are luckily in the niche connecting global and local actions. We love to share creative ideas with our NGO allies around the planet, making collaborative research or campaigns either online or physically. 

How we do


We have over 10-year experience in participating in Conferences of Parties (COPs) held under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Also, we are one of the proactive participants of YOUNGO, the youth constituency within the UN framework. 


In 2017, in response to the Global Stocktake (GST) mechanism set out in the Paris Agreement, TWYCC launched a 3-year plan, Taiwan Youth Climate Stocktake (TYCS). This plan aims to accelerate the Government’s work on achieving our National Determined Contribution (NDC) goals. Before the end of 2018, we had done local research on carbon-emission departments in Taiwan, then eventually released our first publication, Youth Climate Manifesto, in which we compiled the younger generation’s perspectives toward Government policies, opportunities and challenges to achieve NDC goals.


TWYCC was founded in 2008 by a group of university students. The original intention was to raise Taiwan youth’s involvement in global discussions of the climate change (well, it’s now climate crisis). Later in 2012, TWYCC was formally established as the first environmental youth NGO in Taiwan.


Global Stocktake

2015年巴黎協議通過之後,全球的氣候談判已經走進新的篇章:每五年,各國都將經由全球盤點 (Global Stocktake) 機制對世界各國繳交的氣候承諾 (NDC) 進行綜合回顧,藉此以幫助國家們提升他們的氣候行動力度。

我們相信碳排放量佔全球 1% 的台灣,作為世界公民,當然也應該加入這場盛事,與全球各國合作,檢視自己 2015 年時曾經提出的氣候承諾,為全球氣候行動出更具體的貢獻。



COP(Conference of Parties)為聯合國氣候綱要公約UNFCCC底下的締約國大會,是聯合國每年召開的會議,由各國官方代表參與,全球各地的NGO也以觀察員的身份參與。討論大框架為氣候變遷(Climate Change),包括碳排放、碳交易、糧食、水資源、雨林使用、人權等。